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SoftStartRV & SoftStart Home Bundle

SoftStartRV & SoftStart Home Bundle

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SoftStartRV & SoftStart Home Bundle

Start Your RV or Home A/C With Less Power – Even With A Small Generator!

Emergency Residential Backup Power Handler

Features & Benefits:

- Start & Run Your Home A/C With SoftStart Home 6-Ton Soft Starter, With FREE Install Kit
- Start & Run Your RV A/C With SoftStart Home 3-Ton Soft Starter, With FREE Install Kit
- No More Flickering of Lights When Your A/C Starts
- Get A Restful Nights Sleep - No More Thumping In The Night As Your A/C Kicks-In
- Easily Starts Your A/C During Power Emergencies
- Prolongs The Life Of Your Home AND RV AC Compressors
- Easy Install With Our “White Gloves Phone Support”

2-Year Warranty on each unit

90-Days To Love Or Return Them Guarantee Of Satisfaction

110v to 220v, 50-AMP SoftStart Home
110v to 220v, 30-AMP SoftStart RV

 In the box:

1 SoftStartRV Unit & 1 SoftStart Home Unit
Installation Instructions Link
Links to Wiring Diagrams for RVA/Cs and Home A/Cs
Video links and Tech Support information
2 Bonus Install Kits: mounting screws, cable zip ties, twist cable caps, crimp cable caps, cable connectors, spade connectors, eye connectors.

Free Extended Two-Year Warranty Application