Our Unique Plug and Play SoftStartRV For RVs Lets You...

 Start your A/C on a 30-amp hookup or small generator.




What The Experts And Our Customers Are Saying...

  • Suzanne Hinton, Hinton On The Trail

    We were already impressed with the original soft start [SoftStartRV], because we have it on both of our air conditioners and it really makes a difference with the noise and how it starts up…Normally when the bedroom air conditioning comes on, it’s really loud. [With the SoftStartUp] I didn’t even hear it. This is an even more superior product.

    Suzanne Hinton, Hinton On The Trail 
  • It ran Perfectly!

    We set up the SoftStartUp on the generator and we started on the first air conditioner, it worked. Added the second [air conditioner]. And then we went to the refrigerator. And then the water heater. And we were still able to run it. And then we switched over to propane…It still ran perfectly.

    Chris Hinton, Hinton On The Trail 
  • Loved built in surge protector

    One of the other things that I really found great about this [SoftStartUp] unit was built-in surge protection, and when the air conditioners were kicking on and off as the compressors cycled, it was noticeably quieter and you could tell that the power draw was just an awful lot less, which is better in general for the electrical circuitry and for the rig.

    Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer 
  • I couldn't be more pleased

    I couldn't be more pleased with the idea that I can run dual air conditioning units and miscellaneous loads on 30 amp service in this RV.

    Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer 
  • Was able to run dual ACs and other items

    I live here in my Rockwood Signature Ultralight fifth wheel…One of the challenges that I have is it's only a 30 amp service, and so in the summer months we really struggle to keep it cool with a single AC. I recently installed a second air conditioner. I was told you can't run dual AC on 30 amp service…That is until I tested out this SoftStartUp. We were able to run not only dual air conditioners off of this SoftStartUp plugged in line with my power cord, but a couple of other loads at the same time

    Wes Koshoffer, Full Time RVer