How to Clean Your RV Refrigerator’s Ice Maker for Ultimate Freshness

How to Clean Your RV Refrigerator’s Ice Maker for Ultimate Freshness

Keeping an RV refrigerator’s ice maker clean is a simple task that leads to the best-tasting ice possible. The cleaning procedure only takes a little time and knowledge, and should be done periodically depending upon how often you use your RV and the ice maker.

One good solution to use as a cleaning agent is vinegar. Vinegar comes in many varieties including white, red wine and balsamic. Vinegar’s acidity removes scale scum that accumulates in ice machines without introducing the toxicity of harsh cleaning chemicals.

A mixture of two cups of white vinegar, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a cup of water should be combined in a spray bottle. For extremely dirty ice makers, use vinegar only.

Here are the steps to clean your RV ice maker:

  1. Power down and unplug the refrigerator. Dump the ice out of the bin and replace the bin. Defrost the freezer prior to cleaning–if the ice maker is cold it will just freeze the solution and you won’t be able to rinse it out very well.
  2. Soak up any excess water with a clean towel.
  3. Spray a clean cloth with the vinegar mixture, and wipe down the surfaces of the ice maker. Then allow the vinegar solution to sit for 4 minutes.
  4. Rinse the ice tray with warm water.
  5. Power up the refrigerator and ice maker, and dump the first two trays of ice to clear out the vinegar solution.

Following these steps will help you have clean ice for you and your guests to enjoy aboard the RV.

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