Built-in RV Refrigerators Keep Food Fresh Just Like at Home

Built-in RV Refrigerators Keep Food Fresh Just Like at Home

Having a built-in RV refrigerator installed is a much-appreciated asset whether you’re on the road for a weekend…week or months at a time. It may not seem similar, but a well-functioning RV fridge is a lot like the toilet and air-conditioning system in one crucial way. They are, all, taken for granted until something goes wrong. Most of the time, if a part fails on any of these three, it can be a show-stopper until the situation is remedied.

Fortunately, if you have quality appliances and products installed, you are ahead of the RV game in two areas. 1. Quality products hold up for a very long time so it’s unlikely you’ll even have a problem. 2. If you bought your products from a company with an extensive, nationwide service network, you can get the repair job done fast.

Regarding RV refrigeration, buy from a reputable company who has long been a standard bearer for delivering high performance, maximum efficiency and elegant refrigerator design.

Built-in refrigerators are designed to perform just like household units and do so with few obvious differences to the end user. For example, refrigerators are built with rigid steel construction that provides the strength to withstand the constant vibration of highway travel and bumpy campground roads. Steel also ensures a square frame so your refrigerator doors will maintain a good seal–a key to providing reliable refrigeration.

The main differences between an RV refrigerator and one you have at home is RV refrigerators are smaller and made to go into a cabinet so there is zero clearance in installation to save space. It also bolts into the cabinet so it won’t move. When you replace an RV refrigerator, usually, you have to go with the same size to fit the existing space. A standard RV refrigerator is 24 inches but high quality-designed fridges to fit 16 inch-wide areas are available. Before you buy, look for innovative features like a pull-out freezer allowing for extra refrigerator space when needed.

Other features to consider:

  • Open containers on the inside doors
  • Retro-style easy-opening handles.
  • Efficient blue LED lighting for extra bright illumination.
  • Full-width crisper with adjustable divider.
  • Unique shelf flap to adjust for large containers.
  • Full-width door bin freezer adds storage flexibility.
  • Extra thermostat settings with hidden control panel.

RV built-in refrigerators are designed to make the best use of the available storage space in RVs. So whether it’s for a weekend, week or much longer, enjoy your RV built-in refrigerator and the food it keeps fresh, for days and nights of good times on the road.

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